Chiyoko Mizutani

Aug. 6, 1924 – Dec. 16, 2019

MIZUTANI, CHIYOKO, 95, passed away on December 16, 2019 in San Francisco, CA. Born on August 6, 1924 in Walnut Grove, CA, she was eldest of three children of Zentaro and Takino Mizutani of Aichi, Japan. At age 7, the sudden death of her father prompted her mother and 2 younger brothers, Yoshio and Saburo to return to Japan where her mother opened a sewing school.

After WWII, at age 26, she returned to the U.S. working to bring her brothers and mother back to the U.S. She started as a “school girl” nanny and had a successful 35-year career in accounting at Hunter’s Point Credit Union, Crown Zellerbach Credit Union and Valley Credit Union.

She was a devoted daughter, dedicating her life to care for her mother, and was a faithful member of the SF Buddhist Church of America. Our entire family owes her the deepest gratitude for all the sacrifices she made to bring the family to the U.S. so we could all have opportunity. We will always remember how she made us laugh, her impeccable sense of style and the love she spread to family and friends.

She is survived by her brother, Saburo and his wife, Toyoko, sister-in-law Hiroko (Yoshio 1997) as well as her nieces and nephews, Gloria (David) of NY, John (Noriko) of SF, Linda (Mike) of GA, Stan (Janet) of GA, Grace (Dana) of San Carlos and Donna (Rod) of GA along with 6 grand nephew and nieces. Memorial service: Saturday, January 18, 2020 at 2 pm @ Kokoro Assisted Living. 1881 Bush St, SF. Email:

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