Chizuko Suzie Shimomura

Jan. 9, 1936 – July 1, 2020

SHIMOMURA, CHIZUKO SUZIE, age 84, passed away peacefully on Wednesday, July 1, 2020 at her residence in Morgan Hill, California.
As a child, her family overcame the racism and discrimination of internment at Tule Lake. This instilled a sense of activism around fairness, equality, and awareness that would influence her throughout her life.

Chizuko fought for women’s rights, protested against nuclear energy, advocated for racially equality, argued against war, and fought for the health of the planet. Later in life she chose to spend her time working on crafts at home, knitting and crocheting, playing video games, visiting the casinos and spending time with family and friends.

She is survived by husband Yukio Shimomura and their children Doug, Scott, and Tamiko. Her daughter-in-law Sherri Shimomura and son-in-law Ray Arbuckle. Grandchildren Sam, Sarah, and Steven Shimomura and Kadar and Kiyomi Arbuckle.

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