July 22, 1925 – July 19, 2021

OTA, MARY MASAKO, 95, passed away peacefully at her home in San Francisco. Preceded in death by her husband Ichiro Ota (2001), she was born in Elko, Nev. and raised in the family home in Akanuma, Kainan-shi, Wakayama, Japan. She came to San Francisco as a young adult where she met and married Ichiro. She was an active member of Christ Episcopal Church (Sei Ko Kai), San Francisco and a devoted member of its Altar Guild.
She is survived by sons Michael (Jackie) Ota and David (Karen Swanson) Ota; grandson Paul (Chelsea Camello) Ota, and great-grand-daughter Keana Camello Ota.
A memorial service will be held at Pine United Methodist Church, 426 33rd Ave., San Francisco on Saturday, Aug. 14, 2021 from 11:30 a.m.

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