SJ: 6 arrested, charged with hate crimes for thefts targeting people of Asian descent


SAN JOSE — San Jose police on Dec. 15 announced the arrest of six men who allegedly committed dozens of robberies, burglaries and thefts since last year, including many that targeted people of Asian descent.

The suspects have been charged for more than 70 cases that occurred between October 2020 and this September, and hate crime enhancements have been added because the men allegedly frequently targeted Asian females who ended up injured in robberies, police said.

The six have been identified as Anthony Robinson, 24, of Stockton; Cameron Moody, 27, of East Palo Alto; Derje Blanks, 23, of San Jose; Hassani Ramsey, 24, of Oakland; Clarence Jackson, 21, of East Palo Alto; and Malik Short, 21, of Tracy, according to police.

Many firearms, including a ghost gun, were also recovered as part of the investigation.

San Jose Police Chief Anthony Mata and Santa Clara County District Attorney Jeff Rosen planned to hold a briefing later Dec. 15 to discuss the case.

Mata in a news release thanked his department and the other agencies who assisted in a “long and complex investigation. Thanks to their hard work, there are six less predators targeting members of our community.”

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