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For Asian American entertainment, 2020 marks a new beginning — but the beginning of what exactly?, part 2

Editor’s Note: This is the second of a two-part series. Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders in franchise entertainment — and AAPI franchises While movies and television have been steadily reorienting around multimedia franchises for a long time, this past decade marked a sort of point of no return, in which almost every major Hollywood release […]

Man accused of fatally striking women pleads not guilty

Family friends of a Japanese woman who suffered a fatal hit-and-run accident have launched an online fundraiser to support her family members, which as of Jan. 6 has raised close to $123,000 — more than double its $60,000 goal. On Dec. 31, Hanako Abe was crossing the street in San Francisco’s SOMA district, when she […]

Miso Salmon 味噌サーモン

Marinated in a sweet and savory miso sauce, this Miso Salmon recipe makes a delicious weeknight meal. Enjoy it with Japanese ginger rice! We eat seafood often at home as my family loves all the different types of fish and goodies the ocean has to offer. Among seafood, if I have to pick a favorite […]

How the Asian Pacific Environment Network built trust through decades of organizing

A few years ago, the Asian Pacific Environmental Network (APEN), a Bay Area environmental justice organization focusing on Asian immigrant and refugee communities, set aside 20 percent of staff time to address emergency situations. That paid off when the COVID-19 pandemic hit. Network staff launched an information campaign, calling members to disseminate accurate information and […]

Ferry service to Angel Island from SF may end due to declining sales

Blue and Gold Fleet service from San Francisco to Angel Island may end due to declining sales, a company spokeswoman said Dec. 18. In September, the company filed a request with the California Public Utilities Commission to discontinue service, raising concerns at the Angel Island Immigration Station Foundation, which aims to make people more aware […]

Foster City: Police investigating after rock thrown through window of vice mayor

FOSTER CITY, Calif. — Foster City police are investigating after a rock was thrown through a window of the home of Vice Mayor Richa Awasthi the evening of Dec. 15. Awasthi, in a letter distributed by the city Dec. 16, said the large rock broke the glass and blinds and nearly hit her husband in […]

Calif. Appeals Court affirms ruling against at-large election system

The California Court of Appeals, Sixth District, on Dec. 30 affirmed the decision by Santa Clara County Superior Court Judge Thomas E. Kuhnle, ruling that the City of Santa Clara’s at-large election system diluted the vote of Asian Americans and thus violated the California Voting Rights Act. The CVRA was enacted by the California Legislature […]

THE GREAT UNKNOWN AND THE UNKNOWN GREAT: Anne Howden’s lifetime of human rights advocacy and public service

Mich Kunitani, the subject of my last “Great Unknown” column, was not the only member of his family to make a name as a political activist. His first wife, Anne Saito Kunitani, later known as Anne Howden, was a lifelong human rights advocate who shifted her focus from advocacy to public service. She was born […]

LETTERS: COVID-19 and the national disasters

In the United States as of Dec. 27, 2020, there were 331,524 COVID-19 deaths. This is from January through December of 2020, a one-year period. During World War II, from 1942 through 1945, in the four-year period the American casualty was around 400,000. We were fighting a war then and the military leaders were leading the […]

THE HEART OF KANJI: Polish your heart with shodo

書 (Sho) means “writing.” The top of this character depicts a person who is writing calligraphy, and the bottom represents a piece of paper. 道 (Do, michi) means “a way, path or road.” The right side represents a person’s head and face and the left side represents a crossroad. 心 (Kokoro) means “heart.” This word […]

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