Asian American Olympic athletes


Kai Owens
Sport: Skiing
Hometown: Vail, Colo.
DOB: 8/16/2004
Team: U.S. Moguls Team
Quick Facts: She earned Rookie of the Year in 2021 and her favorite part about her sport is jumping.

Chloe Kim
Sport: Snowboarding
Hometown: Torrance, Calif.
DOB: 4/23/2000
Team: 2022 U.S. Olympic Snowboard Team; Snowboard Pro Halfpipe
Quick Facts: She is a first generation Korean American who is fluent in French, English and Korean. She knocks on her snowboard twice before her runs.

Hailey Langland
Sport: Snowboarding
Hometown: San Clemente, Calif.
DOB: 8/2/2000
Team: 2022 U.S. Olympic Snowboard Team; Snowboard Pro Slopestyle
Quick Facts: She made her first Olympic team at 17 years old and plays the ‘ukulele, piano and guitar in her downtime.

Karen Chen
Sport: Figure Skating
Hometown: Fremont, Calif.
DOB: 8/16/1999
Team: Peninsula SC
Quick Facts: She finds painting, listening to music and reading therapeutic and enjoys assisting group skating classes at her rink.

Nathan Chen
Sport: Figure Skating
Hometown: Salt Lake City
DOB: 5/5/1999
Team: Salt Lake Figure Skating
Quick Facts: He enjoys playing guitar and biking on the beach. He is the youngest of five siblings.

Alysa Liu
Sport: Figure Skating
Hometown: Richmond, Calif.
DOB: 8/8/2005
Level/Discipline: Senior/Ladies
Quick Facts: She became the youngest woman to win a U.S. Championship title at age 13. She enjoys watching movies, dancing and going to the beach.

Vincent Zhou
Sport: Figure Skating
Hometown: Palo Alto, Calif.
DOB: 10/25/2000
Level/Discipline: Senior/Men
Quick Facts: He enjoys outdoor activities, poetry, writing and music.

Andrew Heo
Sport: Speedskating
Hometown: Warrington, Penn.
DOB: 3/7/2001
Discipline: Short Track Speedskating
Quick Facts: His sports idol is Olympic medalist J.R. Celski and he will listen to any type of music, claiming he enjoys all genres of music.

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