Yuzu sorbet 柚子のシャーベット

YUZU SORBET ­ photo by Namiko Chen

Have you had tasted yuzu (柚子) before? This citrus fruit tastes like a combination of lemon, mandarin orange, and grapefruit. Yuzu juice and peel are used in Japanese cuisine especially in fall/winter when it’s in season.

Having fresh yuzu in the kitchen really excites me not only because they are rare fruits outside of Japan, but the amazing fragrance and flavor of yuzu in the air awakens my senses. If you have the chance and come across fresh yuzu, you must make this yuzu sorbet (柚子のシャーベット).

Watch How To Make Yuzu Sorbet
This refreshing and delightful sorbet will refresh your palate, is super easy to make and irresistibly tasty with a citrusy-floral essence of yuzu fruit.
Every year during yuzu season, I buy one or two yuzu fruits to enjoy. They are quite expensive at the local Japanese supermarkets, and to be honest, they are hard to find elsewhere. Some readers told me that farmers’ market in their local area sometimes sell them. So if you do see fresh yuzu, you know you’ve just found yourself gold as they are hard to find.

Fresh Fruit for Yuzu Sorbet
This year, Santa came early for me. My friends have two yuzu trees that started to produce fruits this year and I was so fortunate to pick my own fresh yuzu fruits off their trees.
Unlike lemon or lime, each yuzu produces a very small amount of juice as they have these gigantic seeds inside those small fruits. So even though I had 40 yuzu to use in total, the amount of juice extracted was not much. I made yuzu sorbet and marmalade and stored the rest of the juice/peel in the freezer.

Super Easy Yuzu Sorbet Recipe
This yuzu sorbet is very, VERY easy to make with or without an ice cream maker. I started with an ice cream maker but had to stop the churning early as I had to leave the kitchen (one of those “multitasking” leading to failed project incidents) and the sorbet was still too loose. So I finished making the sorbet with the manual method.

This no-ice-cream-machine method doesn’t require much effort. You just need to stir the sorbet every 30-60 minutes while it’s in the freezer until it’s done. I recommend making the sorbet after dinner so you can set a timer for every 30-60 minutes and stir the sorbet while you are watching your TV shows or relaxing.

Yuzu Sorbet
With a bright tart unique citrus flavor, yuzu sorbet makes a irresistibly tasty dessert that refreshes the palate.

Prep Time: 30 mins
Freezing Time: 2 hrs
Total Time: 2 hrs 30 mins
Servings: 2 cups

• 6 yuzu
• 2 cups water
• 1 cup sugar
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