LETTERS: Preserving the site of James Wakasa’s murder


Dear Editor:

I’m glad there is consideration for a professional archeological examination of the site of the Wakasa memorial stone. It is very appropriate as the stone marks the most important archeological artifact of Topaz camp.
James Wakasa was a martyr and the site of his murder needs to be preserved and commemorated for future recognition. After examination of the site, the stone that had marked it for 80 years needs to be replaced as carefully as possible.

I propose that a permanent installation with a pedestal anchoring the stone be created for people to come and pray, to thank Wakasa for his sacrifice. The stone can be protected with bullet-proof glass or plastic if desired or a shrine can be built there to house it. Even without protection, it can be a reminder of his life and the violence that took it away.

I do think it’s important to be able to pray at the stone marking the spot where he was killed, so placing it in a museum would seem awkward.

Betty Kano
Berkeley, Calif.

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