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Film details Monterey citizens’ wartime support of Japanese American neighbors

Located in a dusty filing cabinet in an old Japanese American Citizens League building in Monterey, Calif., a local historian made a remarkable discovery in 2013: A 16mm film from 1938 showing local Issei and Nisei having fun at the wharf and playing baseball, and a large stack of signed petitions demanding the restoration of […]

Dr. Bala finds his life’s purpose

If you were to look up “ikigai” in a Japanese dictionary, you may find a photo of Dr. Kazuhiro Omura, because if there’s anyone who has figured out his “reason for being” and “life purpose” it’s Omura, aka “Dr. Bala,” to thousands of medically underserved people throughout Southeast Asia. In “Dr. Bala,” a feature documentary […]

Community honors Issei, dives into family histories, at 5th Nikkei Angel Island Pilgrimage

With the beat of drums by PJ Hirabayashi and the TaikoPeace Ambassadors, Nichi Bei Foundation’s fifth Nikkei Angel Island Pilgrimage commenced at the Angel Island Immigration Station Oct. 1. Overlooking China Cove, where immigrants first set foot on U.S. soil before heading to the mainland, the pilgrimage honored the Issei immigrants who first set foot […]

Arboga Assembly Center memorial site re-dedicated in Yuba County

MARYSVILLE, Calif. — A crowd of more than 200 people, including local officials, two survivors of the former concentration camp, and noted writer and speaker on the Japanese American wartime incarceration John Tateishi, observed the re-dedication Oct. 22 of the completed Arboga Assembly Center Memorial Site in Yuba County. Calvin Asoo, 82, of El Dorado, […]

‘Momentous’: Asian Americans laud Anna May Wong’s U.S. quarter

More than 60 years after Anna May Wong became the first Asian American woman to receive a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, the pioneering actor has coined another first, quite literally. With quarters bearing her face and manicured hand set to start shipping Oct. 24, per the U.S. Mint, Wong will be the […]

Seeking the histories of Japanese Americans with disabilities

LOS ANGELES — The Japanese American Memorial Pilgrimages (JAMP) presented as part of its Tadaima virtual program on Oct. 15, “Hidden Memories: Seeking the Histories of Japanese Americans with Disabilities,” focusing on the little-known stories of disabled Japanese Americans left out of incarceration and military histories. In many cases, even their families know little of […]

ACC Senior Services celebrates 50 years in Sacramento

With the formation of Asian American identity during the 1960s student movements, Sacramento’s Asian communities came together in a unique way to serve its seniors. Celebrating 50 years, ACC Senior Services has evolved into a major organization that supports Sacramento’s senior populations, but it was born out of an eclectic mix of community interests and […]

Health, wellness and the Japanese garden

For several decades, countries around the world have acknowledged that stress and stress-related diseases are a global health crisis taking a huge toll on society. In the early 1980s, the Forest Agency of Japan began recommending people to take strolls in the woods for better health. (Sifferlin, Times, 7/14/2016). This therapeutic practice is called shinrin-yoku, which translates as “forest […]

A district with an Asian tilt brings a bitter contest

The 45th District anchored in Orange County was specifically drawn to give Asian Americans, who comprise the largest group in the district, a stronger voice on Capitol Hill. It has a Democratic registration edge and includes the nation’s largest Vietnamese American community. The fight for the seat has evolved into a hostile confrontation between Republican […]

Regulators approve U.S. Bank’s $8B purchase of Union Bank

NEW YORK — Key financial regulators on Oct. 14 approved U.S. Bank’s $8 billion acquisition of Japanese financial titan MUFG’s Union Bank franchise, clearing big regulatory hurdles for a deal that will push U.S. Bank closer to the size of Wall Street’s mega banks. But in reaching those approvals, both the Office of the Comptroller […]