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OBITUARY: Nob Fukuda

Nob Fukuda May 11, 1933 – October 5, 2021   A memorial for Nob Fukuda will be held at JCCCNC, 1840 Sutter St, San Francisco, on Saturday June 18, 2022, at 1pm. NOB FUKUDA was a warrior, a romantic, a social activist, and a lifelong Boy Scout Leader. Because he was the #2 son in […]

THE GREAT UNKNOWN AND THE UNKNOWN GREAT: ‘The Great Unknown’s’ 100th edition

A random perusal of my list of titles has led me to a stunning discovery: This week’s column represents the 100th installment of “The Great Unknown and the Unknown Great” that I have published in the Nichi Bei Weekly in the dozen years since the newspaper’s founding in 2009 (I have also done some 40 […]

OBITUARY: Jimmy Hiroshi Koide

Jimmy Hiroshi Koide Sept. 7, 1928 – May 5, 2022 KOIDE, JIMMY HIROSHI, 93, passed away May 5, 2022 in Albany, California. He was preceded in death by his wife Mariko Sekiguchi (2008) and sister Margaret Kusaba (2021), and is survived by sister Ruth Ichinaga, children Wayne (Suzie), Roger (Claudia), Karen (Sei), and Teri (Wade), […]

Nisei Mom repurposes with a purpose

Reducing, Reusing and Recycling are known as the “Three Rs” of the current-day “Going Green” movement. Add in “Repurposing” and you have my mom, Sadako Kashiwagi’s, “Four Rs.” She is 88 years young and still repurposing to this day. Except for mom, “Going Green” and the “Four Rs” are nothing new. For her and many […]

40 Families Project sheds light on Palos Verdes Peninsula Japanese American farming families

On Nov. 24, 1923, a crowd of Japanese American farming families gathered on the Palos Verdes Peninsula in Southern California to celebrate the opening of a community hall intended for meetings, language classes, judo lessons and social events. To mark the occasion, they lined up for a group photograph in front of the new building […]

Fighting back against anti-Asian hate

After being a victim of what she described as an anti-Asian verbal incident in August 2020 in Los Angeles that went viral online, Hong Lee decided to take action for the Asian American community. After taking a self-defense class at Box for Change, Los Angeles, Lee began talking to a few friends about how they […]

Mark Izu’s ‘Songs for J-Town’ evokes memories and hopes

Mark Izu assembled performers from across the United States and spent years putting together “Songs for J-Town,” but he only expected around 60 people to attend the April 23 world premiere at the Presidio Theatre in San Francisco when he scheduled the show during the height of the omicron surge. Instead, more than 400 people […]

CHANGING LANDSCAPES: Water conservation with irrigation

As the water shortage issue worsens in California amid multi-year drought conditions driven by climate change, the state is exploring more ways to encourage water conservation. Gov. Gavin Newsom and the state legislature have invested $5.2 billion over three years “to support the immediate drought response and built water resilience,” his Website states. He signed […]

Instagram influencer Ran Nomura shares her ‘zero-waste’ tips

Prior to reading Bea Johnson’s “Zero Waste Home” book in 2016, Ran Nomura had never considered what happened to her trash once she discarded it. Since then, Nomura, who resides in Osaka, Japan, has made numerous lifestyle changes for the sake of the planet. Today, in addition to serving as the editor at the Life […]

Tips to help you lower your consumption

Wherever you are on your green living journey, you’re part of this community. We asked for your ideas on how to lower your consumption, including reducing plastic in your lives. We wanted to know what you’re doing for yourself and the ecosystems that sustain you. Find inspiration in these ideas people sent to help themselves, […]

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