Yukihiro Takahashi, drummer of legendary Japan band YMO, dies at 70

TOKYO  — Yukihiro Takahashi, the drummer of legendary Japanese electronic music band Yellow Magic Orchestra, has died, a source close to him said Jan. 15. He was 70.

Takahashi was known as the composer of “Rydeen,” one of the most popular tracks of YMO, the trailblazing band he formed in 1978 with Ryuichi Sakamoto, world-renowned musician and composer, and Haruomi Hosono.

YMO was a pioneer of futuristic techno-pop, making full use of synthesizers in the late 1970s, when the arcade game “Space Invaders” became a hit.

The trio’s performances, including tracks such as “Technopolis,” were well received in the United States and Europe.

Prior to YMO, Takahashi joined the internationally successful Sadistic Mika Band in 1972 led by musician Kazuhiko Kato. The band opened for Roxy Music in Britain in 1975.

Takahashi also performed as a solo musician and joined other bands including Metafive.

The Tokyo native underwent surgery for a brain tumor in August 2020.

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