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Securing the Seeds: Asian heirloom agriculture project needs help to cross the finish line

More than a decade ago, farmer Kristyn Leach found life-changing inspiration in the catalog for the Kitazawa Seed Company. Like countless other Asian American growers who have perused that catalog, she discovered rare seeds that called out to her, offering the promise of cultural connection through botanical stewardship. Unlike anyone else, however, she took that […]

Eastwind Books of Berkeley, a community hub, closes

BERKELEY, Calif. — Eastwind Books of Berkeley spent its last day as a brick and mortar bookstore, April 14, like any other day, with owner Harvey Dong laughing among regulars, students rifling through wooden bookshelves, and community members coming together to organize. For the past 27 years, Harvey and his wife Beatrice have been running […]

THE GOCHISO GOURMET: Responsible cooking

There is a wide range of efficiencies, depending on how you cook your meals, with electric coils at the lower end, gas cooktops being just slightly better, with halogen cooktops at the higher end and induction cooktops being the most efficient. They all have their pros and cons, often depending on how your local electric […]

Fresno farmer reinterprets shame and disability through ‘Secret Harvests’

EMERYVILLE, Calif. — David Mas Masumoto called it a “parallel universe.” The Fresno, Calif.-based peach farmer and writer had thought he knew his world, but when his path converged with his thought-to-be dead aunt in 2010, he embarked on his deepest journey of reflection yet on history, shame and disability. Masumoto’s latest memoir, “Secret Harvest: […]

Santa Clara Co.: DA adds hate crime enhancements to 3 men charged with armed robbery

The Santa Clara County District Attorney’s Office will be adding hate crime enhancements to charges against three men arrested April 17 on suspicion of a string of armed robberies in Palo Alto and Milpitas, alleging that they exclusively targeted Asian people, prosecutors said April 20. Siahola J’lan Tupouata, 18, Tavita Lauti Fifita, 21, and Curtis […]

FANTASTIC VOYAGE: On environmentalism in Japan

One of the fascinating things about living in a foreign country is the apparent contradictions. For example, Japan is often seen as a high-tech country and in many aspects, it is. On one hand, the train system is amazing; fast, efficient and reliable. On the other hand, fax machines are still popular. I had a […]

Japan PM Kishida unhurt after explosives attack during campaigning

TOKYO (Kyodo) — Prime Minister Fumio Kishida was unhurt after a man threw a cylindrical object which exploded ahead of a stump speech he was due to make during his visit to western Japan on April 15, less than a year after a former premier was fatally shot during election campaigning. Kishida immediately left by […]

CHANGING LANDSCAPES: Irrigation Tips: Shifting to tree bubblers

This past winter provided some much-needed rainwater throughout California, but we must continue to develop ways to reduce water use due to large-scale drought conditions that impact numerous states in the West. In my column last April, I provided some irrigation tips that would help conserve water by replacing traditional sprinklers with rotating nozzles like […]


Leslie Jo Iino Iwataki IWATAKI, LESLIE passed away in her beloved Hawaii with her husband and cherished life partner Dale Iwataki by her side, on March 12, 2023. Leslie Jo Iino was born on July 6, 1954 in Oakland, CA to Tomiye and William Iino, who served in the 100th RCT, 442nd Battalion during WWII. […]

THE HEART OF KANJI: Appreciating whatever comes our way

何事 (Nanigoto) means “whatever.” The first character’s left side represents a person and the right side represents carrying something. The second character’s bottom lines represent a hand and the top lines represent a fortune teller’s cup. The fortune teller predicts many fortunes using this cup. 礼 (Rei) means “bow.” The left side indicates an altar […]