The Nichi Bei News

The Nichi Bei News – a visionary publication that is the first nonprofit ethnic newspaper of its kind in the country was founded by former staff and contributing writers of the international award-winning Nichi Bei Times, Northern California’s oldest and most respected Japanese American newspaper until its closing in September 2009.

The Nichi Bei News is grounded by a strong and focused mission of keeping the community connected, informed and empowered. It strives to be the glue that holds the community together.

The pioneering efforts of the Nichi Bei News, essentially the third chapter of the Nichi Bei legacy, are reinforced by strong support for its community-serving vision.

The publication rose out of the ashes of the Nichi Bei Times, which itself was founded as a way to get the Japanese American community reconnected after its devastating wartime incarceration in American concentration camps. The Nichi Bei Times was established in May 1946 by some former staff of the Nichi Bei Shimbun, which was founded in 1899 by legendary newspaperman and community leader Kyutaro Abiko.

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