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We bring the news to Japanese American and Asian American communities from Sacramento to Fresno, San Francisco to Los Angeles.

A few quick facts:

  • The Nichi Bei Weekly is the only Japanese American biweekly publication in Northern California.
  • The Nichi Bei Weeklywas formed by the Nichi Bei Foundation, which consists of former staff of the Nichi Bei Times, community leaders and media industry professionals.
  • The Nichi Bei Weekly is recognized as the natural successor to the historic Nichi Bei Times, whose legacy stretches back to 1899. Due to the trust and loyalty of its readers, the Weekly regained the same number of Times subscribers within three months of its opening in September 2009.
  • Japanese Americans are a highly educated sector of the population, with above-average incomes.
  • The Nichi Bei Weekly has a remarkable team of contributing writers and popular columnists. Our special issues cover culturally significant events such as Obon, the Cherry Blossom Festival and the New Year.


For our regular issues, we offer ad space in both our print publication and digital edition in the following sizes:

AD                                 SIZE                                        B&W                     COLOR

Full Page                       9.75″ W x 13.00″ H                 $1,500                  $1,750

Half Page                      9.75″ W x 6.25″ H                    $760                     $1,010

1/4 Page                        5.75″ W x 6.25″ H                    $470                     $720

NB1                               3.75″ W x 6.25″ H                    $275                     $350

NB2                               3.75″ W x 4.10″ H                    $200                     $275

NB3                               1.82″ W x 4.10″ H                    $90                       $165

Business Card               3.75″ W x 2.00″ H                    $90                      $165

Download our 2019 Media Kit for detailed submission requirements, rates and deadlines.

For info on special issue pricing, annual contracts and specific inquiries, contact our advertising team at

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