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So there’s recently been this onslaught of people calling into question the term of animu and mangos; one is a corruption of the word “anime” which is, itself, a truncated form of “animation” that Japanese people use; the other is a fruit that sounds vaguely like “manga.” I personally don’t have a problem calling anime […]

Panty and Stocking: This is truly my childhood

So what is “Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt”? People who haven’t looked into it are probably living under a rock, or are wholly uninterested in anime and manga or Japanese culture (why are you reading this then?), but PSG is Gainax’s (“Nadia,” “Fooly Cooly,” “Gurren Lagann,” et al. ) latest show about two anarchistic fallen […]

Fractale Fracas

I got word that Anime News Network and Funimation are reeling from a recent debacle concerning this season’s anime “Fractale.” Tim Maughan linked me to ANN’s post that decreed that “Fractale” Production will be refusing to allow Funimation  from distributing their work via streaming until all pirated copies of their anime are removed from the […]

Anime and manga not such a negative influence after all

There’s apparently a wave of charitable giving happening all over Japan after somebody donated some school bags under the pseudonym of “Naoto Date,” the real name of Tiger Mask, a masked wrestler that gave away his winnings to the orphanage he was once brought up in. This might show that cartoons don’t make us all […]

Why is this here? This is terrible

Some people calling themselves artists decided to melt together a bunch of anime figurines in the form of an even larger figurine or whatever those other shapes are (in some attempt at being “meta” probably). The end result is an atrocious mess of colorful plastic that I imagine is reminiscent of Takashi Maurakami, or an […]

Change is afoot: Tokyo Govt. Approves New Restrictions to Manga and Anime for Children’s Sake Part 3

This is the third and final part of my series on Bill 156, a bill that amends the Youth Healthy Ordinance in the Tokyo Metropolitan area proper. Here, I will give my future forecast for Japan. So the bill is passed, without going into what led up to all of this, what will become of […]

Merry Christmas! Of swag and boons

It being Christmas, I’m taking it easy today. I’ll be back with the rest of my rant on the new Tokyo Metro Bill later, but for today, let’s celebrate the birth of the Western world’s savior with a mountain of presents. To note, I’m Buddhist – and with that I’m not even really sure about […]

More Thore!

“It seems that Marvel Studios believes that white people should have nothing that is unique to themselves.” Good point, Council of Conservative Citizens. First it was the water fountains, then the country clubs and then the presidency. Now comic book movie depictions of Norse Gods?! According to the Guardian, the CCC is calling for a […]

Behind the “Legend of Kamui” — Sampei Shirato

In a recent issue of Nichi Bei Weekly, I review the live action film adaptation of the “Kamui” manga series, a project that brings the work of Sanpei Shirato together with Kankuro Kudo and Yoichi Sai. The film, which was pretty ok, will be released on dvd and bluray on Dec. 28, conveniently timed so […]

Change is afoot: Tokyo Govt. Approves New Restrictions to Manga and Anime for Children’s Sake, Part 2

So in my previous post, I talked about what kind of law was put into place by Tokyo’s metropolitan government. The effects of the law, while not quite as draconian as what sensationalism has dreamed up, do pose a major obstacle to what constitutes today’s anime and manga industry. My specialty lies in manga, but […]

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