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On LA agriculture’s ‘unique triracial hierarchy’

Transborder Los Angeles: An Unknown Transpacific History of Japanese-Mexican Relations By Yu Tokunaga (Oakland, Calif.: University of California Press, 2022, 274 pp., $29.95, paperback) In this work, adapted from a doctoral thesis produced at the University of Southern California, author Yu Tokunaga explores the relations between transnational Japanese and Mexican communities in the Los Angeles […]

‘A heuristic model’ for historians to emulate with other camps

JAPANESE AMERICANS AT HEART MOUNTAIN: Networks, Power, and Everyday Life By Saara Kekki (Norman, Okla.: University of Oklahoma Press, 2022, 246 pp., $39.95, hardcover) Having read in Saara Kekki’s Acknowledgements within the book under review that its contents had been favorably vetted by three historians of the Japanese American World War II experience that I […]

‘Everything Everywhere All at Once’ wins at Gotham Awards

NEW YORK — “Everything Everywhere All at Once” won best feature at the 32nd Gotham Awards on Nov. 28, taking one of the first major prizes of Hollywood’s awards season and boosting the Oscar hopes of the anarchic indie hit of the year. Also taking an award for his work on the film was Ke […]

Asian American dancers challenge ballet’s legacy of Yellowface

Like many young ballerinas, Cory Stieg danced in “The Nutcracker” each year. And though she loved the show, the Chinese Tea dance in particular stuck in her memory — for all the wrong reasons. Stieg’s teacher insisted she shuffle out on stage with her head bobbing and an open-mouthed grin on her face. “Haven’t you […]

Rose Tajiri, time traveler, a history keeper and a chronicler of Japanese American experience

At first glance, viewers may be a bit perplexed by what’s happening with Rose Tajiri Noda, the 93-year-old central character in “Wisdom Gone Wild,” a new feature documentary by Rose’s Sansei daughter, award-winning filmmaker Rea Tajiri. Rose has dementia, but rather than make a film about the disease of dementia, Rea Tajiri has centered her […]

Dr. Bala finds his life’s purpose

If you were to look up “ikigai” in a Japanese dictionary, you may find a photo of Dr. Kazuhiro Omura, because if there’s anyone who has figured out his “reason for being” and “life purpose” it’s Omura, aka “Dr. Bala,” to thousands of medically underserved people throughout Southeast Asia. In “Dr. Bala,” a feature documentary […]

Film details Monterey citizens’ wartime support of Japanese American neighbors

Located in a dusty filing cabinet in an old Japanese American Citizens League building in Monterey, Calif., a local historian made a remarkable discovery in 2013: A 16mm film from 1938 showing local Issei and Nisei having fun at the wharf and playing baseball, and a large stack of signed petitions demanding the restoration of […]

Vibrant murals on display at San Jose Japantown’s new apartment complex

SAN JOSE, Calif. — Several painted murals appear along the exterior walls of the new Exhibit at J-Town apartment complex in San Jose’s Japantown. Derek Allen, the apartment complex’s lead developer, operator and owner, said Empire Seven Studios, a local art gallery, curated artists, including Roan Victor, Amy Sol and Andrew Schoultz. “The murals act […]

Cancer survivor Paul Goodman’s ‘No No Girl’ premieres

Paul Goodman finished his film “No No Girl” in a matter of months despite battling leukemia. Goodman was first diagnosed with cancer in 2016. After receiving chemotherapy, the young filmmaker went into remission for four years. Unfortunately, he relapsed in 2021. “It was severe. The relapse showed that the chemotherapy did not work and in […]

‘HERbeat’: Asian women lead ‘a new era of taiko’

“We hope to inspire people not to have the courage to win at all cost, but to persevere through all adversity.” – Tiffany Tamaribuchi, “Finding Her Beat” Not even Tiffany Tamaribuchi could have anticipated the extreme adversity she and 17 taiko women faced when Tamaribuchi and concert partner Jennifer Weir brought together an “all-star” cast […]

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