Book reviews of inconsequence: Kaira

In light of the recent events in Japan and other personal reasons, my blog will be a bit late on updating. Just letting all you eager readers know. I was meaning to write about racial injustice or something and link it up to Nazi Uniform wearing Japanese pop-bands, British nuclear fallout on press and anti-muslim […]

Book reviews of inconsequence: Thermae Romae

Welcome to the first installment of book reviews of inconsequence. The inaugural book shall be: Thermæ Romæ by Mari Yamazaki “Thermae Romae” has to be one of the most unconventional manga I have ever seen. The author, Yamazaki, is a Japanese woman married to an Italian grandson of a potter. They currently live in Chicago. […]

Hot Gimmicky Schemes: Calculators

According to a release from Bandai and Sharp, a new calculator will be hitting Japan’s shelves in March. It won’t support trigonometric equations; it won’t computate cubic roots; but it does have President Shima Kosaku (and a cellphone strap). Stop right there. Sharp is making a calculator, where the only saving grace is that it […]

Book Reviews of Inconsequence

I would like to take a moment to tell you about something I aim to do. This is to save me from having to say, over and over, what this little segment is about. This will be a series of book reviews you will most likely not care about. Okay, you might care about it, […]

This is frightening

This ain’t right. This ain’t right at all. That’s just. No. NO THAT’S EVEN WORSE. You can’t even eat that one. This is scaring me.

Anime pirates really aren’t very conducive to social order afterall

Last month, Japan’s Research Institute of Economy (RIETI) released a startling paper. It argued that Internet piracy in Japan boosted sales rather than hampered them. So for a moment everyone who ever defended Internet piracy, that’s basically half the Internet, felt vindicated – especially yours truly. I was pretty much dancing the Charleston like I […]

A look at “Made In China”

There’s a sort of derogatory attitude taken by people in the US and Japan over China. The nation, not to make light of their questionable ethics, is beleaguered with bad press. In Japan’s case, it’s the recent debacle over the fishing boat collision last year, as well as mounting concerns over China’s haughtiness since being […]

Oh Ishihara you are a funny man

Gov. Ishihara calls for more immigration. Not sure how to feel about that seeing as he’s made a fair share of xenophobic remarks in the past… Why the turn around? Is he actually a pretty decent politician after all? No, I don’t think so. Okay, I really talk way too much about that without really […]


So there’s recently been this onslaught of people calling into question the term of animu and mangos; one is a corruption of the word “anime” which is, itself, a truncated form of “animation” that Japanese people use; the other is a fruit that sounds vaguely like “manga.” I personally don’t have a problem calling anime […]

I feel slightly nausiated by this…

Hey guys, it’s time to relax, it’s the weekend and… What is this? Where did this guy come from? I really want to watch this show, just to be allowed to yell profanities at it, but alas, the UK doesn’t let me watch it legally. But seriously, when you name your documentary off of a […]

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