An exploration of Nikkei culture through food

Maitake gohan

As someone living in California I have no right to complain about winter vegetables. My local farmer’s market runs year round and supplies me with fresh kale and squash at a time when my northern neighbors are stuck shoveling snow. That said, I confess it was a welcome change of pace to turn my attention […]

15 more seconds for ramen

Ramen got its comeuppance from the SF Gate this past weekend in a lengthy article packed with Bay Area restaurant recommendations and Ramen backstory. A very worthy read for any aspiring noodle fiends!

Mochi chronicles: Just mochi

While there is no real substitute for mochi made by pounding mochi (glutinous) rice there is something to be said for the easy substitute provided by these two recipes. Both recipes use mochiko (mochi flour) to generate a final product that is softer than traditional mochi but very delicious and also usable in other recipes like […]

Mochi chronicles: Zenzai

  Red beans and rice[cakes] didn’t miss her With the holiday season upon us the promise of seasonal Japanese treats looms large. And when I say “treats” what I really mean is mochi (sticky rice cakes). Of course, mochi can be eaten during the rest of the year but wonderfully, at holiday time, I can […]

In the spirit of miso and butter

These days everyone loves a good mashup. It seems like lately the currency of cleverness is the ability to find not one, but two interesting items that when stitched together rise to a sum above their parts. Sadly I am no exception. Eager to impress with my blog title I mixed and matched Japanese and […]

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