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C(API)TOL CORRESPONDENT: AAPIs are making it to the political playoffs, but can they win the championship?

Strong history-making electoral victories in recent months continue to show that Asian American and Pacific Islanders are not a fly-by-night phenomenon in the political arena. Last month, Manka Dhingra won a heavily-contested state Senate seat in Washington that flipped the chamber to Democratic control. In Virginia, Kathy Tran became the first Vietnamese American elected to […]

C(API)TOL CORRESPONDENT: AAPI political power on the rise in face of new threats

A few rays of hope for Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders penetrated the dark shadow cast by hate crimes and the resurrection of the white supremacy movement following the presidential election in November. AAPI candidates won a historic number of races and broke new ground in communities where AAPI elected officials are few and far […]

C(API)TOL CORRESPONDENT: 2016 brings new growth opportunities, challenges for AAPIs in California politics

The number of Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders serving in California’s state legislature is at a historic high with nine Democratic members and three Republican members. These members include: Assemblymembers Rob Bonta (D), Ling Ling Chang (R), David Chiu (D), Ed Chau (D), Kansen Chu (D), Young Kim (R), Evan Low (D), Phil Ting (D), […]

C(API)TOL CORRESPONDENT: 2014 election gains obscure real challenges faced by AAPIs in the political world

The number of Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders in the California State Legislature grew by one after Election Day in November. At 12, the Asian Pacific Islander Caucus is at its highest number in state history. With three members who are Republicans, the API Caucus is the most bipartisan caucus in the legislature. In addition, […]

C(API)TOL CORRESPONDENT: AAPIs again face tough election tests in 2014

The growing influence of Asian American Pacific Islanders in politics naturally leads into more difficult election year contests. AAPI candidates are in some of the most contested races in California history. The race for Congressional District 15 exemplifies the “jungle primary” when two candidates from the same party attempt to cannibalize each other in the […]

C(API)TOL CORRESPONDENT: New year equals new political challenges for AAPIs

As 2013 comes to a close, 2014 promises to bring another political test for the Asian American and Pacific Islander community. The new year brings an election cycle that highlights the continuing political growing pains that all emerging communities face. In addition to the typical match-ups, this year AAPI candidates will be facing other AAPI candidates […]

C(API)TOL CORRESPONDENT: What does the 2012 election mean for AAPIs?

The recent election was nothing short of historic for Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders (AAPIs). When the dust settled on the morning after the election, the first openly gay AAPI, the first Hindu and the first Chinese American to represent New York were elected to Congress. It was also when the first AAPI woman was […]

C(API)TOL CORRESPONDENT: AAPIs make historic gains on Election Day

Editor’s Note: A version of this column was originally posted on Bill Wong’s blog, http://thesunfire.blogspot.com. It was a historic day for Asian American Pacific Islanders throughout the nation. In California, the Asian Pacific Islander Legislative Caucus held their position as the second largest ethnic caucus in the state legislature, with 11 members, by winning four […]

C(API)TOL CORRESPONDENT: Why I hate API candidates

Editor’s Note: The following was originally posted on Bill Wong’s blog, http://thesunfire.blogspot.com. After over 20 years of working in politics, I have come to hate my own people when it comes to campaigns. With a few notable exceptions, here are five of the reasons why we suck at politics and why I hate most Asian […]

C(API)TOL CORRESPONDENT: This year will be an unprecedented test of AAPI political power

More viable Asian American Pacific Islander (AAPI) candidates will be running for state and federal offices than in any other time in U.S. history. The Asian Pacific American Institute for Congressional Studies (APAICS) recently reported that 19 AAPI candidates have filed to run for Congressional offices in 2012. In 2010, only eight AAPI candidates filed […]