LASTING COMMITMENTS: A gift from God — Kamisama kara no okurimono

Best wishes for 2023! Amidst the grief and suffering that so many of us are going through, with family members and friends passing on, lots of sickness, a growing sense of divisiveness and hate amongst people, I think we all search for hope as the new year begins. Sensei Kawahatsu wrote an intriguing article this […]

LASTING COMMITMENTS: We must ‘take good care of our relationships’

It was a source of joy for me in recent weeks to learn about an ancient kanji, “go-en.” It means chance, destiny or special bond. I was intrigued when I first learned about the word. It seemed to capture reverence for relationships in a way that was new for me. Since I am a Gosei […]

LASTING COMMITMENTS: Genki Aging, Sharing important knowledge and Prop.19

(Editor’s note: The following article was co-written with Martha Bridegam, an attorney with the firm.) Finding purpose is what it’s all about as we age. All of us have the potential to become powerful storytellers and information sharers as we age because we have more life to share and more advice to impart. As we […]

LASTING COMMITMENTS: Give generously to the Nichi Bei, onegai shimasu

On Sept. 2, 2019 the Nichi Bei Foundation will hold an online fundraising event, a celebration to mark the 10th anniversary of its founding, as well as the 120th anniversary of the Nichi Bei Shimbun, founded by Kyutaro Abiko. For more about the celebration, which will include hourly raffles and gifts for contributors, see […]

LASTING COMMITMENTS: Being a beneficiary

Estate planning, like any field, has its own special uses of language. Many of the key terms are commonly used words such as “beneficiary,” which take on precise meanings in the context of wills and trusts. Here’s a hypothetical situation that introduces some of the basic roles and ideas. It’s based on an actual question […]

LASTING COMMITMENTS: Preserving inheritance for future generations

When I started my estate planning practice 21 years ago, I wanted to provide a valuable service while devoting part of my practice to clients who couldn’t afford market-rate legal services. I did not know then how surprised I would be by the lessons I would learn along the way. I’ve always had a strong […]