Uplifting Generations of Youth: JCYC looks back at five decades

Celebrating 53 years serving the youth of San Francisco and beyond, the Japanese Community Youth Council recognized its roots and impact over the years, as its services have made a lasting impact on thousands of youth each year, including those who came back to the organization to take on leadership roles. The organization celebrated its […]

Teachers recognized for fire rescue in S.F.’s Western Addition

Five teachers from Rosa Parks Elementary School grinned from ear-to-ear, holding their certificates of appreciation as family and friends took their photos in a San Francisco City Hall room Oct. 26. During the meeting, the San Francisco Fire Commission recognized Cecily Ina-Lee, Remi Nakamoto, Zachary Marlin, Ruben Guzman and Vincent Reyes, for rescuing people from […]

Accident damages historic Japanese American cemetery

A delivery van crashed through a fence into the Japanese Cemetery in Colma, Calif. Oct. 24. The accident damaged or destroyed around eight tombstones and a number of other markers in the oldest section of the cemetery, according to Seiko Fujimoto, executive director of the Japanese Benevolent Society of California. Fujimoto said a delivery van […]

San Mateo community center seeks new home

For some 40 years, the San Mateo Japanese American Community Center has adapted to the needs of the Nikkei community in San Mateo County. The community center located at 415 S. Claremont St. in San Mateo, Calif., is now looking toward its next steps as Windy Hill Property Ventures plans to redevelop the downtown block […]

Matsutake suimono (clear soup) 松茸お吸い物

A classic Japanese autumn soup, matsutake suimono (clear soup) is cooked with seasonal matsutake mushrooms, tofu and the mitsuba herb in a clear dashi broth. It’s absolutely nourishing and packed with health benefits. Matsutake soup (松茸お吸い物) is a classic Japanese autumn soup with highly-prized fragrant matsutake mushrooms in clear dashi broth. This type of soup […]

Rose Tajiri, time traveler, a history keeper and a chronicler of Japanese American experience

At first glance, viewers may be a bit perplexed by what’s happening with Rose Tajiri Noda, the 93-year-old central character in “Wisdom Gone Wild,” a new feature documentary by Rose’s Sansei daughter, award-winning filmmaker Rea Tajiri. Rose has dementia, but rather than make a film about the disease of dementia, Rea Tajiri has centered her […]

Dr. Bala finds his life’s purpose

If you were to look up “ikigai” in a Japanese dictionary, you may find a photo of Dr. Kazuhiro Omura, because if there’s anyone who has figured out his “reason for being” and “life purpose” it’s Omura, aka “Dr. Bala,” to thousands of medically underserved people throughout Southeast Asia. In “Dr. Bala,” a feature documentary […]

Film details Monterey citizens’ wartime support of Japanese American neighbors

Located in a dusty filing cabinet in an old Japanese American Citizens League building in Monterey, Calif., a local historian made a remarkable discovery in 2013: A 16mm film from 1938 showing local Issei and Nisei having fun at the wharf and playing baseball, and a large stack of signed petitions demanding the restoration of […]

Community honors Issei, dives into family histories, at 5th Nikkei Angel Island Pilgrimage

With the beat of drums by PJ Hirabayashi and the TaikoPeace Ambassadors, Nichi Bei Foundation’s fifth Nikkei Angel Island Pilgrimage commenced at the Angel Island Immigration Station Oct. 1. Overlooking China Cove, where immigrants first set foot on U.S. soil before heading to the mainland, the pilgrimage honored the Issei immigrants who first set foot […]

Arboga Assembly Center memorial site re-dedicated in Yuba County

MARYSVILLE, Calif. — A crowd of more than 200 people, including local officials, two survivors of the former concentration camp, and noted writer and speaker on the Japanese American wartime incarceration John Tateishi, observed the re-dedication Oct. 22 of the completed Arboga Assembly Center Memorial Site in Yuba County. Calvin Asoo, 82, of El Dorado, […]

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