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2024 Northern California Soy & Tofu Festival

  • Soy-Ful Youth Art Exhibit
  • Kulintaiko
  • Tofu samples
  • Kikkoman booth
  • Hodo Yuba and Curry
  • Sakura Ren (Awa Odori)
  • Bachan’s Impossible Burger by Konko Church of SF
  • Old River Design Co.
  • Jade Chocolates
  • Sacramento Taiko Dan
  • Tofu Eating Contest
  • Tofu Eating Contest
  • Koto Yuki Band
  • Julian Avenila, Angelina Hong and Marissa Macayan at the Asian American Food Panel
  • Gee Yung Lion and Dragon Dance Association
  • Preview of the 2024 Soy and Tofu Festival