Hokka Nichi Bei Kai

1759 Sutter St

Hokka Nichi Bei Kai, or Japanese American Association of Northern California, was officially formed in the late 1800s as Nichi Bei Kai. It offered programs that enabled Japanese immigrants to celebrate and practice their Japanese cultural heritage, helped Japanese immigrants adjust to life in the United States, and promoted goodwill between the U.S. and Japan.

In 2000, Nichi Bei Kai merged with the Japanese Speaking Society of America (Beikoku Nichigo Kyokai) to form the Hokka Nichi Bei Kai, a nonprofit educational organization committed to promoting traditional Japanese art and cultural practices. The three-story structure includes an authentic Japanese tea room (Chashitsu), which was donated by the city of Kyoto. It was built in Japan, disassembled and shipped to America and re-assembled at this site.