Obituary Requests

Remember your loved one with an obituary in the Nichi Bei News.

Note: The Nichi Bei News publishes every other Thursday. As a courtesy, all obituaries will also be posted online on the same day as publication.

To submit a standard obituary for publication, please send an e-mail to containing the following information:

  • Obituary requester’s full name, phone number and billing address (for contact and billing purposes only)
  • Desired text for the obituary (within the e-mail body)
  • (Optional) Digital photo attachment in JPG or TIFF format with a resolution of 200 ppi or greater

Obituary Rates:

  • $5 processing fee per insertion
  • 10? per character, excluding spaces
  • (Optional) $10 photo fee

Submission Deadline: Obituary requests must be submitted by 3 p.m. Monday the week of publication. Requests after this deadline may be postponed until the following publication date.

Approval Deadline: All obituaries must be finalized and payment received by 3 p.m. Tuesday the week of publication. Obituaries will not be printed without the client’s final approval unless otherwise specified.

Payment: Please do not pay until details have been finalized.

Other Submission Methods: We strongly encourage obituary submissions via e-mail. Hand-delivered obituaries, obituaries submitted via .jpg or PDF format requests sent via regular mail or fax to (415) 673-1063 will incur a charge of 20? per character, excluding spaces. Please provide your full name and phone number so we can contact you accordingly.

For inquiries or assistance, please contact us at (415) 673-1009 or