LETTERS: Rethinking about Manzanar

Dear Editor, Just a note to thank Martha Nakagawa for her excellent article on the 46th Manzanar Pilgrimage which appeared in Nichi Bei Weekly’s April 30, 2015 edition. Felt like I was there. I especially enjoyed her summary of Satsuki Ina’s keynote speech. Ina is very insightful and made me rethink many things in a […]

LETTERS: Nichi Bei columnist’s work an ‘invaluable source of healing’

For years, I have enjoyed your e-mails alerting me to important happenings in our community and your “Let’s Talk!” column in the Nichi Bei Weekly.  I am so glad you remain active, proactive, and providing leadership in promoting valuable experiences in the JA community.  Your last column on the healing power of pilgrimage (Aug. 7, 2014 Nichi Bei […]

LETTERS: Kudos for San Jose Japantown issue

To the Editor: I was pleasantly surprised to read the special edition of the Nichi Bei Weekly on San Jose’s Japantown (Sept. 19, 2013), especially the article “Japantown’s Historical Sites,” since my grandfather and his brother were responsible for constructing many of the historical buildings in Japantown. I thought it might be interesting for your […]

LETTERS: A JAM Workshop Gem

Editor’s Note: This letter was sent in response to the “Close-knit Japantown artists reconnect” article that appeared in the May 2-15, 2013 issue of the Nichi Bei Weekly. Dear Editor, I read with interest in Heather Ito’s story about (JAM), the Japantown Art and Media Workshop that made “poster, logo and brochure designs for various […]

LETTERS: Obama administration an ‘unmitigated disaster’

Editor’s Note: The following letter was sent in response to Chizu Omori’s column entitled “The legacy of race in politics,” which ran in the May 2-15, 2013 issue of the Nichi Bei Weekly. Ms. Omori, I have been reading your columns in Nichi Bei Times (and the Nichi Bei Weekly) for many years. They have […]

LETTERS: Concert reinforces community connections

Note: This letter was sent in response to the Aug. 9-22, 2012 issue of the Nichi Bei Weekly. Dear Editor, I read with interest Aidan Noda’s story of the free concert at Nihonmachi Little Friends July 29 to celebrate the release of Tatsu Aoki’s “Toyoakimoto” album. Saxophonist Francis Wong was also one of the concert’s […]

LETTERS: A paper that’s worth reading

Dear Editor, We appreciate the work you do to make the Nichi Bei Weekly a paper we look forward to reading. Ruth Seo Buddhist Church of Sacramento

LETTERS: Article spans Sacramento’s redevelopment to Obon

Dear Editor, Congratulations, on a very nice article of Sacramento’s Obon and food festival in your Nichi Bei Weekly of June 14, 2012.  The Japanese American community did a great job of recovering after the relocation caused by the city redevelopment project. Tom Nakagawa Sacramento, Calif.

LETTERS: Great job on the Cherry Blossom Festival and Japanese Culture Guide!

Dear Editor, The Cherry Blossom edition (Nichi Bei Weekly Northern California Cherry Blossom Festival and Japanese Culture Guide) is fantastic!  I enjoyed reading it cover to cover and especially liked the directories the paper provided on how you can learn more about each of the topics highlighted. In addition to being a sort of introduction […]

LETTERS: Effort under way to honor Nisei veterans with a stamp

Dear Editor: I urge all of your readers to write to the Citizens’ Stamp Advisory Committee to support the Japanese American Veterans Association (JAVA) efforts for a proposed commemorative stamp series honoring the World War II military units that received the Congressional Gold Medal. The Nisei soldiers of the 100th Infantry Battalion, 442nd Regimental Combat […]

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