C(API)TOL CORRESPONDENT: Why I hate API candidates

Editor’s Note: The following was originally posted on Bill Wong’s blog, http://thesunfire.blogspot.com. After over 20 years of working in politics, I have come to hate my own people when it comes to campaigns. With a few notable exceptions, here are five of the reasons why we suck at politics and why I hate most Asian […]

Ethnic candidates largely succeed in CA primary

Despite possibly record low voter turnout, candidates of color largely achieved success in California’s June 5 primary. Fifty-seven Democrats advanced to the November general election in California’s 53 congressional districts, according to Tenoch Flores, communications director of the California Democratic Party. Twenty-six of them were candidates of color. “Asian Americans did well. Out of our […]

Why Jeremy Lin Matters: Asian male images in the media

Pop culture traditionally has painted Asians as awkward, unathletic and never the leading man, like Long Duk Dong from a 1980s film. In just a week, Lin has shattered the stereotype. Since he burst into the national consciousness just a week ago, basketball sensation and New York Knicks guard Jeremy Lin has proved that he’s […]

C(API)TOL CORRESPONDENT: This year will be an unprecedented test of AAPI political power

More viable Asian American Pacific Islander (AAPI) candidates will be running for state and federal offices than in any other time in U.S. history. The Asian Pacific American Institute for Congressional Studies (APAICS) recently reported that 19 AAPI candidates have filed to run for Congressional offices in 2012. In 2010, only eight AAPI candidates filed […]

C(API)TOL CORRESPONDENT: Historic Election Day signals growing power of AAPIs

Asian American Pacific Islanders (AAPIs) have seen many firsts in recent years. The first Chinese American woman elected to Congress, the first Chinese American mayor of Oakland, Calif. and the first Chinese American to be appointed to mayor in San Francisco. As significant as these milestones were, doubts remained whether AAPIs had truly arrived as an American […]

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