Labor Dept. files lawsuit accusing Silicon Valley data company of hiring bias

The U.S. Department of Labor filed an administrative lawsuit against Palantir Technologies Inc. Sept. 26, accusing the Palo Alto-based data analysis company of discriminating against Asians who wanted to work on the company’s $340 million worth of government contracts. The complaint was filed with the department’s Office of Administrative Law Judges, which functions as a […]

Spectators shout racial slurs at Sacramento-area high school game

Student spectators from Oak Ridge High School, in Northern California’s El Dorado Hills, made racial taunts and other appearance-related insults against Asian American basketball players from C.K McClatchy High School during a recent play-off game between the two schools’ girls’ teams. The story gained attention when McClatchy parent Glen Kumamoto posted a short clip from […]

Racial profiling of Chinese Americans will only hurt America

It simply boggles the mind that with an African American in the White House and an African American as the Attorney General, persecution of Chinese American scientists based on racial profiling not only has not abated but actually intensified. Professor Xiaoxing Xi, former head of the physics department at Temple University, was the latest of […]

Hate crime suspect pleads not guilty to felony and misdemeanor offenses

A San Francisco man arrested on allegations he perpetuated a hate crime pleaded not guilty in court Sept. 11 to one felony and at least two misdemeanor offenses. John Schenone, 62, appeared before Judge Edward Torpoco in an orange sweat suit, handcuffs and dark-rimmed glasses after being arrested Sept. 8 on suspicion of spray-painting hateful […]

Transient charged with attempted murder, hate crimes in Walmart assault on child

SAN JOSE — A woman accused of attacking a 4-year-old girl and her father with a crowbar in a Walmart store in May 13 targeted the pair because they were Asian, prosecutors said May 15. Maria Garate, 20, was arraigned in Santa Clara County Superior Court May 15 on charges of premeditated attempted murder with […]

A rant from a Japanese American: Pete Hoekstra, this is about you

Dear Mr. Pete Hoekstra, You appealed to the general public on Super Bowl Sunday to vote for you, rather than that spendy Democrat incumbent of yours. That ad, which you say is not racist and not at all demeaning to Asians — and is actually just rhetoric against the taxing excess shown by Debbie Stabenow […]

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