Chol Soo Lee, who inspired pan-Asian movement, remembered for giving community strength and love

Chol Soo Lee, a Korea-born immigrant to the United States, passed away early Dec. 2 in San Francisco, according to Richard Kim, a professor at the University of California, Davis who worked with Lee on his upcoming memoir. Lee became a national rallying point for Asian Americans after being falsely convicted of murder, leading to […]

30 YEARS AFTER CHOL SOO LEE: A case that gave birth to Asian American activists

The National Japanese American Historical Society hosted a retrospective March 9 entitled “Chol Soo Lee: 30 Years of Freedom” to celebrate the 30th anniversary of Chol Soo Lee’s release from prison. The event was held in conjunction with the nonprofit’s ongoing exhibit of Japantown Art and Media Workshop posters, created for community organizations and events […]

BOOK REVIEW: Cultural politics of Asian American movements

CHAINS OF BABYLON: THE RISE OF ASIAN AMERICA By Daryl J. Maeda  (Minneapolis: University of Minnesota Press, 2009, 248 pp., $20, paperback) Daryl J. Maeda’s slim book “Chains of Babylon: The Rise of Asian America” is a compelling and quite refreshing examination of the history of Asian American movements in the Vietnam War era. To […]