A taste of home

JAPANESE SOUL COOKING: RAMEN, TONKATSU, TEMPURA, AND MORE FROM THE STREETS AND KITCHENS OF TOKYO AND BEYOND By Tadashi Ono and Harris Salat (Berkeley, Calif.: Ten Speed Press, 2013, 256 pp., $27.50, hardcover) Even if you didn’t grow up eating okonomiyaki (pancake) or omu (omelette) rice, the savory, robust flavors in “Japanese Soul Cooking” will […]

Comfort food, Hawai‘i-style

FROM KAU KAU TO CUISINE: AN ISLAND COOKBOOK, THEN AND NOW By Arnold Hiura; featuring Derek Kurisu and Jason Takemura (Honolulu: Watermark Publishing, 2013, 196 pp., $29.95, hardcover) “From Kau Kau to Cuisine” is a cookbook that alternates recipes representing two variations of the same dish, a “Then” version and a “Now” version. The styles […]

A ‘twisted trip’ filled with ‘raunchy comedy and poignant tenderness’

The Confessions of a Number One Son: The Great Chinese American Novel  By Frank Chin, edited by Calvin McMillin (Honolulu: University of Hawai’i Press, 2015, 280 pp., $24, paperback, $45 cloth) Calvin McMillin is to be commended for breathing life into a long-lost novel by Frank Chin, a writer who has been instrumental in shaping […]

Princess goes from misfit to superheroine

Princess TenTen and the Dark Skies By Setsu Shigematsu, illustrated by A. Das (Corona, Calif.: Guardian Princess Alliance, 2014, 38 pp., retail price $14.99; special GPA price $12.99 paperback) This fourth book in the Guardian Princesses series shows us how a princess who feels herself a misfit becomes a superheroine. Young Ten Ten is interested […]

An Unharmonious History Revisited

CAMP HARMONY: SEATTLE’S JAPANESE AMERICANS AND THE PUYALLUP ASSEMBLY CENTER By Louis Fiset (Champaign: University of Illinois Press, 2009, 232 pp., $25, paperback) Many readers are probably familiar with Louis Fiset’s previous works, especially “Imprisoned Apart.” He has produced another important work on a subject long ignored perhaps because of the temporary nature of the […]

Documented: From Exile to Release from Concentration Camps

MOVING IMAGES: Photography and the Japanese American Incarceration By Jasmine Alinder (Champaign: University of Illinois Press, 2009, 232 pp., $40.00, paperback) With the advent of digital, cell, and even laptop cameras, we snap endless images knowing that we can just transport them to a worldwide audience or merely delete them into cyberspace without a second […]

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