Hatsune Miku drives a Corolla

There’s something magical about American marketing strategies. It might have something to do with its strong culture that emphasizes might (wealth) makes right, and a general lack of doujinshi culture, but when you see something that’s typically driven by fans for fans in Japan, you can bet it’ll never grow to see the light of […]

MOS Burger crossing the Pacific?

MOS Burger to come to the US? Oh god, I don’t know how to express how happy I am. I’m ecstatic. This is the best news ever. Oh my god. I love MOS Burger. This is so great. I thank you MOS Burger gods. I will patronize you as soon as you come to America […]

Fractale Fracas

I got word that Anime News Network and Funimation are reeling from a recent debacle concerning this season’s anime “Fractale.” Tim Maughan linked me to ANN’s post that decreed that “Fractale” Production will be refusing to allow Funimation  from distributing their work via streaming until all pirated copies of their anime are removed from the […]

Los Angeles’ Little Tokyo more vibrant at night than in past years, but there are concerns that businesses are hurting and worries about disruptions caused by subway construction.

LOS ANGELES — Is Little Tokyo in dire straits? Bill Watanabe, executive director of the Little Tokyo Service Center (LTSC) and also a member of the Little Tokyo Community Council (LTCC), doesn’t think so. “Generally speaking, I think the foot traffic and level of business seem to be going pretty well,” Watanabe said. “Evening events […]

Expectations sky-high for new Haneda int’l flights

TOKYO — Japanese airlines and other industries are abuzz with excitement over the potential impact of regular international flights from Tokyo’s Haneda airport when a new, spacious international terminal and fourth runway are opened on Oct. 21. “This will provide a very good business opportunity for the airlines of Japan, and it will also provide […]

Biscuits a boom to dog owners

SAN JOSE — Jennifer Pan decided to open her whimsical dog boutique Biscuits in San Jose’s Japantown after experiencing difficulty in finding healthy treats for her Jack Russell Terrier, who had allergies. “I was looking for supplements and natural treats,” said Pan, who opened the store in July with her partner Steve Kim. Named after […]

Cukui combines art and fashion

SAN JOSE — Orly Locquiao combines his passion for tattoo art and streetwear as the owner of Cukui Clothing Company, which opened in San Jose’s Japantown in August. The store offers a broad range of urban apparel designed by Locquiao, who draws inspiration from his work as a tattoo artist at Humble Beginnings Tattoo Studio […]

Get a taste of the islands at Island Sol

SAN JOSE — Island Sol brings a Hawaiian vibe to San Jose’s Japantown, offering a wide range of apparel and merchandise inspired by the islands. The store, which has been open since August, offers such Hawaiian-inspired merchandise as printed shirts, music, jewelry, and foodstuffs. The store’s line of unique apparel includes reggae dresses and roots […]

Schwarzenegger impressed by Japan’s bullet train technology

TOKYO (Kyodo) — California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger on Sept. 14 took a test ride of a chartered shinkansen bullet train between Tokyo and Omiya in Saitama Prefecture, north of the capital, as his state is seeking to introduce a high-speed railway system. The governor, who is on a two-day trade mission to Japan from Sept. […]

Story of Nikkei nurseries told at Richmond Museum of History

RICHMOND, Calif. — For Nisei Tom Oishi, the Sept. 12 opening ceremony at the Richmond Museum of History was cathartic. “I couldn’t believe what the U.S. government did to us when they sent us to the camp,” said the 88-year-old Oishi, who during World War II was sent to Tanforan Assembly Center in San Bruno, […]