Nikkei Community Internship program celebrates 10 years, current class

When surveying community programs a decade ago, Japanese American leaders found a lack of meaningful activities for young people. “There had been a vacuum for a long time of new programs (for young people),” said Jon Osaki, the executive director of Japanese Community Youth Council. In an effort to engage Japanese American young people, the […]

HELPING NORTHERN JAPAN RECOVER: A community effort raises $3.5 million for disaster-hit regions

The great Tohoku earthquake and tsunami ravaged the eastern shoreline of Japan while many in the United States were asleep on March 11. Japan had been prepared for earthquakes and tsunami, a fact of life living on an island nation on the seismically active Pacific Ring of Fire, but nothing of this caliber. The earthquake […]

CONNECTING OVER COFFEE: Shin-Issei and Shin-Nisei discuss cultural nuances

Most people have never heard the phrase “Shin-Nisei,” including those to whom it applies. “I didn’t even know there was a term for someone like me whose parents are Japanese,” said Atsushi Miyamoto. His comment elicited sympathetic nods. More than 30 people had gathered for the first “Shin Nisei/Issei Coffee Date” organized by nihonmachiROOTS, a […]

You know you’re Shin-Nisei/Issei when…

Culture •   You thought the idea of spam musubi (and chilli over rice!) was blasphemous •   You go karaoke and the first songs you want to sing are Arashi •   You have lots of clutter in your house •   You think it’s a little strange that some people have kimono, Japanese doll displays and Japanese […]

The changing Seinan neighborhood of southwest Los Angeles

“Unless somebody records what happened, it will be gone,” explained Ansho Mas Uchima, who along with Minoru Shinmoto co-authored “Seinan, Southwest Los Angeles: Stories and Experiences from Residents of Japanese Ancestry.” For the two friends, life in Seinan before the war that mostly centered on Japanese school and church was filled with the social interaction […]

Spaghetti and Crab Feed

Volunteers from the JACL and the Nichi Bei Weekly at the SF JACL’s annual Spaghetti and Crab Feed fundraiser, Sat. Dec. 4, at the Christ United Presbyterian Church in SF. Ken Sogabe, Rod Suzuki, Haruka Roudebush, Doug Nakatani Nancy Satoda, Elizabeth Hayashi, Brigid Sogabe, Marie Rinne, Hiroshi Shimizu, Julie Nakatani, Yo Hironaka, Greg Marutani, Nikki […]

GenRyu Arts celebrates 15th anniversary with ‘Rabbit in the Moon’

Born in early summer, fireflies are summer bugs: they die before seeing the fallen leaves. The ephemeral summer bugs made a rare appearance at the Brava Theater in San Francisco’s Mission District, and lighted the theater with the sound of Japanese taiko drums. GenRyu Arts’ new performance, “Tsuki no Usagi,” or the Rabbit in the […]

Cooking event raises funds for Kokoro

Supporters of Kokoro Assisted Living gathered at the facility in San Francisco’s Japantown on Nov. 6 for “Cooking from the Heart,” a fundraising event featuring cooking demonstrations and tastings by three local chefs. The event, now in its second year, helps raise both awareness and funds for the facility. “Having the event at Kokoro puts […]

The Power of Words resolution, three months later

It has been over three months since the National Council of the JACL passed the Power of Words (POW) resolution at the July 2010 National Convention in Chicago. It was amazing to have 80 chapters voting for the resolution with only two chapters voting against. As a devoted proponent of the proposal from its inception […]

New consul general of Japan welcomed to Northern California

In 1964, Tokyo hosted the Summer Olympics, and Hiroshi Inomata, age 10, happened to live near the stadium. One day, buoyed by the excitement of the sudden surge of foreigners, Inomata rallied enough confidence to approach a man snapping a photo of his wife, and offer, in his best elementary school English, “Shall I take […]