Twin disasters prompt more women to seek marriage

TOKYO — In the aftermath of the March 11 earthquake and tsunami, many Japanese people scrambled to stock up on emergency supplies, while others flocked to buy energy-saving devices amid fears of power outages as the twin disasters crippled power plants. Amid the increased sense of insecurity, a growing number of Japanese women set their […]

Intricate bonds behind Taiwan’s donations to Japan

TAIPEI — Taiwan, a country of 23 million people, has to date pledged approximately NT$5.9 billion (about $205 million) in relief funds following the devastating earthquake and tsunami that struck northeastern Japan on March 11. By comparison, South Korea’s 49 million people have raised 55 billion won (about $50 million), while the United States, a […]

How to help survivors in Northern Japan (a partial list)

San Francisco Thursday, May 19 Art at Night: Chinatown benefit for the Northern Japan Earthquake Relief Fund The Chinese Culture Center will present its first installment of “Art at Night,” a series dedicated to providing the community with space to enjoy art and food while contributing to various causes, held at Hilton San Francisco Financial […]

Going green, one small step at a time

SAN JOSE — Stan Kawamata lifted up a colorful plastic bin containing worms wriggling around in the soil in order to demonstrate the process of creating a worm farm. Kawamata’s worm composting exhibit was among the demonstrations at an Earth Day celebration sponsored by the San Jose Buddhist Church Betsuin EcoSangha, which was held on […]

Wartime story inspires handwritten newspapers in quake-hit Japan

ISHINOMAKI, Japan (Kyodo) — Journalists at a tsunami-hit Japanese daily newspaper, which shot to fame after a U.S. museum acquired its handwritten editions, were inspired to grab their pens in a flooded newsroom by a story about their predecessors who acted likewise before World War II. “It was a miracle we survived and that motivated […]

How to help survivors in Northern Japan (a partial list)

Santa Cruz, Calif. Kabuki Cabaret Thursday, May 26 Brenda Wong Aoki and Emmy award-winning composer Mark Izu will dedicate a performance to benefit The Jizo Project. The performance will be held at the Kuumbwa Jazz Center, 320 Cedar St. #2, Santa Cruz, Calif. at 6 p.m. Aoki’s work draws on her cultural heritage, and invokes […]

NorCal community raises relief funds for Northern Japan at Cherry Blossom Festival

Joining communities all over the world in taking action, San Francisco’s Japanese-speaking and Japanese American communities have been using art, food and other aspects of their culture to raise funds for the relief efforts following the March 11 earthquake, tsunami, and ongoing nuclear crisis. As it did to aid the Japan during previous times of […]

Otagaisama: We help each other

I’m not an expert on Japanese culture and customs, but as I observe what’s happening in Japan after the earthquake and tsunami, I am confident that the country and its people will eventually recover and rebuild their lives because of one key concept and way of life that is deeply embedded in the Japanese spirit: “Otagaisama” (helping […]

REFLECTION ON JAPAN: Growing stigma against victims of Fukushima

Editor’s note: A month after the Tohoku disaster, a quasi-nationalistic “love it or leave it” attitude has gained currency, putting pressure on people to stay and face potential dangers for the sake of group solidarity. A wrenching dilemma has emerged in the midst of the nuclear radiation crisis afflicting Japan. A quasi-nationalistic “love it or […]

How to help the survivors (a partial list)

San Francisco Music For Japan Saturday, April 30 There will be a charity concert for Japan performed by various bands at the West Bay Conference Center, 1290 Fillmore St. #200, from 6 p.m. to midnight. Maestro JT, a local musician from Haiti, developed this event to unite Haitians and persons of Japanese descent with regard […]