The building blocks of baking

FLOUR: SPECTACULAR RECIPES FROM BOSTON’S FLOUR BAKERY + CAFE By Joanne Chang with Christie Matheson (San Francisco: Chronicle Books, 2010, 340 pp., $35 hardcover) The new cookbook by pastry chef and owner of Boston’s Flour Bakery + Cafe begins with an unlikely analogy to theoretical math. Says author Joanne Chang “theoretical math class … taught […]

THE GOCHISO GOURMET: A year of change?

Well, the beginning of every year is always filled with change. From simply hanging up that new calendar you purchased at Borders … whoops, that’s change in itself since there is no Borders, to crowning a new NCAA national champion in football via the convoluted BCS ranking system (I guess if LSU goes undefeated, it’s […]


I recently had the fortune to be invited to a whole hog dinner at Town restaurant (3435 Waialae Ave. in Honolulu). What’s a whole hog dinner anyway? Well, taking a step back, one of the regulars of our informal wine group won a silent auction benefiting the culinary program at Leeward Community College. The item […]

Good eats for the curious in San Francisco’s Japantown

To many people, Japanese food is a special and exotic treat — that often consists solely of sushi or ramen. A new tour aims to demystify the dishes, and teach those who may be otherwise hesitant about them. Since 2004, Lisa Rogovin has taken locals on culinary tours around the Bay Area. Her knowledge of […]

MIYAGI FOOD: Healthy, delicious and safe

Since the tragic earthquake and tsunami that devastated Japan’s Tohoku region more than eight months ago, Japan has seen substantial decreases in foreign tourism. Many areas directly affected by the disaster are also experiencing decreased domestic and foreign sales of local food products amid concerns for radiation safety. The Consulate General of Japan in San […]

THE GOCHISO GOURMET: Lookin’ for inspiration

Sometimes we find it without even lookin’, sometimes it keeps knockin’ at our door without us knowin’, but sometimes we do find it and it changes our very core… OK, maybe not so grandiose. It may be as simple as makin’ that first Bolognese sauce or startin’ that first exercise routine or simply makin’ us […]

Japanese American Religious Federation holds Curry Cook-off for relief

With a mix of seasoned entrants and first-timers, five curry cooks vied for top honors at the Japanese American Religious Federation’s ninth annual Curry Cook-Off in San Francisco’s Japantown on Oct. 15. The cook-off is the primary annual fundraiser for the Japanese American Religious Federation (JARF), a consortium of 12 churches that serve the Japanese […]

THE GOCHISO GOURMET: Bulk up that diet

Americans tend to have a narrow view of what a diet is or what it means. It frequently is used simply in the context of losing weight. “Can’t have that, I’m on a diet.” “Which diet are you following?” “How much weight have you lost on diet X, Y or Z?” Well, the word diet […]

San Francisco’s Japantown scores ‘Japanese soul food’

New People’s Cinema Café recently added “Japanese soul food” to its menu. Onigilly, a food cart that sells onigiri (Japanese rice balls), opened its franchise at the cafe on Oct. 7, following its success at previous events in San Francisco’s Japantown. Two years ago Koji Kanematsu decided to fill a niche market for onigiri. “It […]

THE GOCHISO GOURMET: Odyssey of the Salmon

Need to keep moving … brown bear, dart right … current getting stronger, must be a waterfall … final kick then leap … whoa, another brown bear, whew, so tired but need to get to the shallows … to spawn … then die… This is both the beginning and the end of the odyssey of […]

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