Police chief Suhr moves to fire 7 officers who engaged in homophobic, racist text messages

San Francisco police Chief Greg Suhr said April 3 that following an internal investigation he is recommending that seven of 14 police officers who were discovered to have partaken in inappropriate, and often racist and homophobic text messages, be fired from the police department. So far, one of the 14 officers has already resigned and […]

Racist, homophobic police text messages could lead to criminal cases being thrown out: Adachi

San Francisco Public Defender Jeff Adachi estimates as many as 1,000 criminal cases will be reviewed following the racist and homophobic text messages allegedly sent by four San Francisco police officers. Adachi and his colleagues said March 17 that their office has already identified 120 cases involving two of the four officers and said those […]

THE GREAT UNKNOWN AND THE UNKNOWN GREAT: The civil rights politics and complexities of Nikkei ‘coming out’ as LGBT

This week’s entry represents the seventh annual column that I have produced for the Nichi Bei on the queer heritage of Japanese Americans. In past entries, I have explored such topics as the varieties of Issei sexuality, the turn to Western-style family models (and homophobia) within Japanese communities, and the community’s turn to support for […]

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