Advocacy group calls for protection of mosques after derogatory letter

SAN JOSE — An Islamic advocacy group is calling on authorities to step up protection for mosques after a San Jose Islamic center received a derogatory letter in the mail this week. On the evening of Nov. 24, the Evergreen Islamic Center at 2486 Ruby Ave. received a letter, which addressed the center’s members as […]

DOR recalls Executive Order 9066, decries anti-Muslim hatred

LOS ANGELES — The incarceration experience of Japanese Americans during World War II, based on racial hatred, and its similarity to the modern day anti-Muslim animosity in America, was a key topic of discussion during the 2016 Day of Remembrance, held Feb. 20 at the Japanese American National Museum. The Japanese American community’s annual Day […]

Bay Area JA group condemns anti-Muslim, Arab and refugee rhetoric

As anti-Muslim and anti-refugee rhetoric reaches unprecedented levels, the Bay Area Day of Remembrance Consortium held a press conference and candlelight vigil Dec. 22 with leaders of the Muslim community in San Francisco’s Japantown to condemn the statements made by Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump and others in the wake of the Nov. 13 Paris […]

When it comes to hatred and prejudice, it’s time to See Something Say Something

We live in anxious times. We probably always will. And I don’t say this lightly. I’ll never shake the memories of the times I sprinted out of my office in the Senate or rushed down the steps of the Capitol in panicked evacuation because planes had come too close and were possible terrorist attacks. Sometimes […]

Obama urges fight against bigotry, cites wartime Japanese American incarceration

WASHINGTON — U.S. President Barack Obama called Dec. 15 for a continued fight against discrimination and bigotry, citing the country’s unfair past treatment of some Europeans and Chinese, as well as the wartime incarceration of Japanese Americans. Obama made the remarks at an event in Washington as popular Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump faced mounting […]

Asian American leaders condemn Fox News program’s support of racial profiling

The Sept. 20 broadcast of Fox News’ “Cashin’ In,” moderated by Eric Bolling, discussed whether the United States should profile Muslims in America. Panelist Jonathan Hoenig supported the idea, saying, “We should have been profiling on Sept. 12, 2001. Let’s take a trip down memory lane here. The last war this country won, we put […]