Three Japanese killed as tour bus crashes in Utah

CEDAR CITY, Utah (Kyodo) — A bus carrying 14 Japanese tourists rolled off a highway in southern Utah on the evening of Aug. 9, instantly killing three of them who were ejected from the vehicle and seriously injuring seven other passengers, local police said Aug. 10. The three fatalities were Hiroki Hayase, a 20-year-old man […]

THE HEART OF KANJI: Four worms in our heart

四 (yon or shi) means the number four in English, which comes from the shape of four fingers. 心 (Kokoro) means heart, which comes from the shape of a human heart. 虫 (Mushi) means worm, which comes from the shape of a worm. A few years ago, my family went to pick fruits in Brentwood, Calif. We picked […]

New SF Confectionary Minamoto Kitchoan Offers Sweet Treats

As pretty as poems, the confections at Minamoto Kitchoan — a new Japanese sweets shop in downtown San Francisco —almost look too good to eat. The pastel paper wrappings make many of the sweets resemble perfect little presents. And the glass cabinets, filled with artfully arranged models of pastries and seasonal fruits and foliage, bring […]