A revisioning of traditional kimono

The silhouette of a kimono on the body is cylindrical. For women, the waistline disappears under layers of wrappings. A long, stiff obi belt — the formal version may be a 14-foot-long length of brocade — is wound tightly around the midsection and secured with a cord. The breasts are flattened to smooth the front […]

Ato, who donated more than $1 mil. in kimono to festival, dies

TOKYO — Seishichi Ato, former president and senior advisor of Fujiyasu Kimono Co. Ltd. in Tokyo, passed away on Feb. 26 of gallbladder cancer according to Benh Nakajo, chair of the Northern California Cherry Blossom Festival Queen Program. He was 92. Ato, who wished to express gratitude to the Japanese American community for sending postwar […]