Editor’s Note: This article from April 2012 is reprinted with permission from KoreAm Journal (http://iamkoream.com/april-issue-k-w-lee-challenges-the-grandchildren-of-the-la-riots). Twenty springs ago this month, for three days and nights South Central L.A. and the neighboring Koreatown burned, choked and wailed. Come April 29, it’s that awful déjà vu time again, when I, as one-time editor of the lone English […]

LOOKING BACK IN AWE: Living dangerously in America’s own killing fields

With the 20th anniversary of the April 29, 1992 LA Riots just around the corner, it’s d’j? vu again. On sobering reflection, I dare say that our Sa-I-Gu (Korean for 4-2-9) didn’t explode on that date. Long before the greatest urban upheaval in modern America, hardy Korean mom and pop storekeepers, along with their long-suffering […]

Randy Hagihara, a journalist’s journalist

Buried in Asian American journalism lore is the untold story of the first English-language newspaper for Korean Americans and the vital role played by a young, fresh out-of-college Sansei journalist, Randy Hagihara. It was from these humble origins that a storied career came into bud. The time was the fall of 1979 and the place […]