LETTERS: Support Muslim Americans’ effort to build a community center near Ground Zero

Dear Editor: As Japanese Americans whose families were targeted by the hysteria over national security during World War II, we are deeply disturbed by the irrational fear and opposition toward the Muslim Americans who plan to build a community center near Ground Zero. America was founded on the principle of religious freedom. Muslim Americans have […]

THE KAERU KID: Ekoji Buddhist Temple and Japanese Cultural Center in Dusseldorf, Germany

Note: This letter was sent in response to Kaeru Kid’s “Little Tokyo on the Rhine” column, July 8-14, 2010. Dear Editor, I read your Kaeru Kid column on Dusseldorf, Germany and [was] surprised that you didn’t mention Ekoji Buddhist Temple. You may not be interested in the religion, but it is now a major Japanese […]

LETTERS: Nikkei should oppose Arizona’s immigration law

Dear Editor, The San Francisco Chronicle just printed a high-profile article, “Thousands in U.S. Protest Arizona Law.” I write in concern of the low profile of (we) in the JA community who have more reason than others to identify with the arbitrary discrimination and racial profiling of “suspicious immigrants.” When Gov. Jan Brewer was asled […]

LETTERS: Hospice Workshop Addresses the ‘End of Life Journey’

Dear Editor, Nikkei and Retirement had a program entitled “What Is Hospice Care?” on Saturday, April 24, at the Christ United Presbyterian Church. The San Francisco Senior Citizens’ resource directory states, “Hospice is a philosophy of care that accepts dying as a natural part of life, and aims to enhance comfort and quality of life […]

LETTERS: Memories of Cypress House, aka JASEB Home

Note: This letter was sent in response to Ben Hamamoto’s “JASEB to Stop Operating Homes for Japanese American Seniors” article, Feb. 4, 2010. Dear Editor, After 20-plus years of operation, the Cypress House has many stories to tell. There must be hundreds. This is one of them. My mother, Hede Takao Shirasawa, was a resident […]

LETTERS: Keep JA Press, Culture Vibrant

Dear Editor, I’m very sad to hear the status of the Hokubei Mainichi. However I do like the idea of Nichi Bei Weekly. We as Japanese Americans must be able to keep the Japanese heritage, culture and values alive continuously. Many non-Japanese people do not know things about the Japanese… Newspapers are downsizing and limiting […]