The Hazard family and martial arts in Northern California

Those who have been around kendo (bamboo sword fighting) in the United States, fondly remember the name Benjamin Hazard. According to twin sisters Malyne and Alyne Hazard, two of the late kendo master’s four daughters, he had a hand in creating several kendo dojo in Northern California, as well as establishing kyudo (archery) and naginata […]

High-ranking naginata practitioner passes

Miyako Tanaka Price, the highest-ranking practitioner of naginata (the Japanese spear) outside of Japan, passed away May 27, 2014 in El Cerrito, Calif. According to the family, Price was born in April 30, 1942 in Osaka Japan during the height of World War II. While the U.S. government initially banned Japanese martial arts in her […]

DEDICATION AND PATIENCE: Understanding the disciplines of naginata

Naginata, a type of Japanese spear, has a rich history within Japan’s martial arts, and has historically been known for its abundance of female practitioners. “The naginata is favored by women because the long staff uses the whole body and centrifugal force,” said Miyako Tanaka, kyoshi (master and teacher) and vice president of The Northern […]