EDITORIAL: Happy Birthday … to … us!

With this week’s issue, we have reached a milestone that was probably somewhat unthinkable, at least unimaginable, in the early days of our struggle to rebuild as a nonprofit newspaper. Today, it’s our first anniversary, so to speak. The first edition of the Nichi Bei Weekly rolled off the presses in its innovative and groundbreaking […]

Nichi Bei Foundation Day

Celebrating Nichi Bei Foundation Day with the Oakland A’s on Sept. 6. At the game, which took place in Oakland, Japanese American catcher Kurt Suzuki of the Oakland A’s took on Japanese baseball legend Ichiro Suzuki of the Seattle Mariners.

A call to raise much-needed seed funds in our efforts to save the community press

Dear Supporter, On behalf of the Nichi Bei Foundation, we would like to thank you for your past support. Many of you have already reached into your pockets to help to kick-start our movement, donating funds that were absolutely essential to our launch of the first nonprofit ethnic newspaper of its kind in the country, […]

Out of the ashes, a rebirth: Letter from Kenji G. Taguma, Nichi Bei Times Vice President and English Edition Editor, Nichi Bei Foundation President

Today’s headline news may come as a shock to many, particularly given the relative success, popularity and visibility of the Nichi Bei Times, and particularly this groundbreaking Nichi Bei Times Weekly. What many of you may not see or understand is that we also have a thrice-weekly Japanese-language edition, too. We have, probably, the most […]

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