Yaki onigiri (Grilled Rice Balls) 焼きおにぎり

A favorite at izakaya restaurants, yaki onigiri are Japanese grilled rice balls covered in savory soy sauce. With a crispy crust on the outside and soft sticky rice on the inside, these rice balls are simply irresistible and easy to make at home! Today I’m going to share my yaki onigiri (焼きおにぎり) recipe. Yaki means […]

San Francisco’s Japantown scores ‘Japanese soul food’

New People’s Cinema Café recently added “Japanese soul food” to its menu. Onigilly, a food cart that sells onigiri (Japanese rice balls), opened its franchise at the cafe on Oct. 7, following its success at previous events in San Francisco’s Japantown. Two years ago Koji Kanematsu decided to fill a niche market for onigiri. “It […]