THE KAERU KID: On the silk road in Uzbekistan

Editor’s Note: This is the fourth part of a series. I have had the most exciting discoveries many times when it was least expected. On the other hand, many places that I’ve looked forward to visiting and read about extensively were disappointing because I had built up an image that was difficult to achieve in person. Uzbekistan […]

Mitsubishi Materials makes historic apology to ex-POW forced laborers

LOS ANGELES — A top executive from Japan’s Mitsubishi Materials Corp. delivered July 19 a historic apology to former American prisoners of war who were used as forced labor during World War II. Hikaru Kimura, senior executive officer at the company, said through a translator that the company expressed “our most remorseful apology” to the […]

Honda introduces POW bill

WASHINGTON — Rep. Michael Honda (D-San Jose) introduced a bipartisan resolution honoring U.S. veterans who were held as prisoners of war during World War II, according to a statement his office issued June 22. The resolution commemorates the men and women who were taken as U.S. prisoners of war in the Pacific. It also commends […]