Limbaugh Amused that Earthquake Hit Birthplace of Prius

Apparently, Rush’s understanding of the concept of environmentalism is that you make Mother Earth offerings of Priuses and recycled plastic in hopes she won’t smite you. Media Matters has a transcript and a quick list of some of his other absurd, unfeeling statements.

Over 7,000 Join Boycott of Limbaugh: Civil Rights Groups Join Yee in Condemning Limbaugh, Advertisers

SAN FRANCISCO – Over seven thousand people have already signed an online petition that Senator Leland Yee (D-San Francisco) launched Wednesday on his website to condemn Rush Limbaugh for offensive comments he recently made during his radio program.  The petition calls on Limbaugh to apologize for mocking the Chinese culture and asks his sponsors to […]

APIs demand apology from radio host Rush Limbaugh

Asian American leaders called on the conservative radio personality Rush Limbaugh to apologize to the Chinese community for mocking Chinese President Hu Jintao on air Jan. 19. In response to his call for an apology, however, one Bay Area politician has been the recipient of threats. Limbaugh was complaining on his show about a Fox […]