My Sister’s House Treasures attracts visitors to Sacramento’s Japantown

An Asian-focused second-hand shop opened in Sacramento, Calif.’s Japantown in October, after a longtime Japanese gift store closed last summer. The domestic violence organization running the store hopes to support its programs, as well as to revitalize the neighborhood located south of the state capital’s downtown. Located a block north of the Business 80 freeway […]

Sacramento’s J-Town to lose longtime business as neighborhood continues to change

Sacramento’s once thriving Japantown was devastated in the 1950s as redevelopment pushed much of the Japanese American community out of what is now downtown Sacramento. A pocket of Nikkei businesses relocated south of the original ethnic enclave, but few Japanese American businesses remain today, and one more store has announced their closing at the end […]

Workshop depicts pre-war life in Sacramento’s Japantown

SACRAMENTO, Calif. — Not known to most people, California’s capital city once housed the fourth largest Japantown in the state. Now however, decades after the 1956 Capitol Mall Redevelopment Project tore down its buildings, Sacramento’s Japantown lives on only in old photos and in the hearts of those who walked the town streets. In an […]

Reclaiming the history of Sacramento’s lost Japantown

SACRAMENTO’S HISTORIC JAPANTOWN: LEGACY OF A LOST NEIGHBORHOOD By Kevin Wildie. (Charlestown, S.C. : The History Press, 2013, 192 pp., $19.99, paperback) In this slim volume, Kevin Wildie transports us back to a disappeared community. With help from oral histories and numerous photographs, he tells the tale of Sacramento’s Fourth Street Japantown. Founded at the turn […]