Grassroots movements take aim at security bills

TOKYO  — Young Japanese opposed to the passage of the government’s controversial security bills looming in the current Diet session have discovered some political backbone and are making their voices heard on a mass scale. Encouraged by a group called Students Emergency Action for Liberal Democracy, or SEALDs, young people who generally shun political activism […]

Protesters rally across Japan against controversial security bills

TOKYO  — Students, mothers and other protesters staged rallies at more than 200 locations across Japan on Aug. 30, calling for the scrapping of controversial security legislation that Prime Minister Shinzo Abe wants to enact to strengthen the role of Japanese forces abroad. A major rally in front of the Diet building in central Tokyo […]

77 mil. PlayStation user info may have leaked

TOKYO (Kyodo) — Sony Corp. said April 27 personal information of up to 77 million users of its PlayStation Network services around the world may have been leaked, calling on users to monitor credit reports on a regular basis. Sony said it “cannot rule out the possibility” that credit card data were compromised as a […]