Sorry John Curtas, but use of the racial slur ‘Jap’ is not acceptable, even as an abbreviation

LOS ANGELES — When are people going to learn tha(t) slurs, epithets and otherwise derogatory language targeting any group based on their ethnicity, religious beliefs, or sexual orientation are unacceptable? Just as important, when are people going to understand that there is no difference between them, other than the group the term targets? Sadly, the […]

COMMENTARY: ‘Japadog’ Racial Slur at Olympics

“Japadog,” a Japanese style hotdog stand in Vancouver promoted by a Japan-based company, garnered widespread American media due to NBC’s Olympic TV coverage, including on Sacramento station KCRA 3, on Feb. 28. Complaints about the racial slur “Jap” started popping up around the country, including at the Northern California and National JACL offices. The Florin […]