HELPING NORTHERN JAPAN RECOVER: A community effort raises $3.5 million for disaster-hit regions

The great Tohoku earthquake and tsunami ravaged the eastern shoreline of Japan while many in the United States were asleep on March 11. Japan had been prepared for earthquakes and tsunami, a fact of life living on an island nation on the seismically active Pacific Ring of Fire, but nothing of this caliber. The earthquake […]

Genki Mail brings hope to young survivors

KESENNUMA, Japan — Japanese children in the disaster-hit northeast of the country are feeling encouraged by more than 7,000 notes of hope that were written by elementary students throughout the United States and distributed to shelters and schools in Miyagi and Iwate prefectures. “I am happy to know that people in America have been thinking […]

Taking the world by storm, B’z ready to rock

Japan’s best-selling band is back to perform at The Fillmore. The legendary two-man rock band B’z will rock out in San Francisco on Friday, July 22, the second of three venues on their North American tour, “B’z LIVE-GYM 2011 -long time no see-.” B’z will perform in Vancouver on Wednesday, July 20 and in Los […]

Tweets to cheer disaster victims find way into books

TOKYO — When the magnitude 9.0 earthquake struck Japan on March 11 and knocked out telephone lines, Twitter was flooded with messages trying to reach people affected, including expressions of encouragement, and those words are now making their way into books as memorials of the country’s biggest postwar crisis. “Pray For Japan,” a printed version of […]


真 (Makoto or Shin) means “true or truth,” and forms a person’s head and face facing down, to indicate a person’s death. When a person dies, he or she doesn’t change; he is unchangeable and becomes egoless. And 復 (Fuku) means “revival,” which consists of three parts. The left side of the character represents half […]

Twin disasters prompt more women to seek marriage

TOKYO — In the aftermath of the March 11 earthquake and tsunami, many Japanese people scrambled to stock up on emergency supplies, while others flocked to buy energy-saving devices amid fears of power outages as the twin disasters crippled power plants. Amid the increased sense of insecurity, a growing number of Japanese women set their […]

Intricate bonds behind Taiwan’s donations to Japan

TAIPEI — Taiwan, a country of 23 million people, has to date pledged approximately NT$5.9 billion (about $205 million) in relief funds following the devastating earthquake and tsunami that struck northeastern Japan on March 11. By comparison, South Korea’s 49 million people have raised 55 billion won (about $50 million), while the United States, a […]

How to aid relief efforts in Northern Japan (a partial list)

Los Gatos, Calif. Artist talk with Ken Matsumoto Saturday, June 4 The Iwasawa Oriental Art gallery and Japan Society of Northern California will host a relief benefit for the people of Japan. Sculptor Ken Matsumoto will give an exclusive meet-and-greet event and a lecture at 2:30 p.m. at Iwasawa Oriental Art, 75 University Ave. Admission […]

How to help survivors in Northern Japan (a partial list)

San Francisco Thursday, May 19 Art at Night: Chinatown benefit for the Northern Japan Earthquake Relief Fund The Chinese Culture Center will present its first installment of “Art at Night,” a series dedicated to providing the community with space to enjoy art and food while contributing to various causes, held at Hilton San Francisco Financial […]

Wartime story inspires handwritten newspapers in quake-hit Japan

ISHINOMAKI, Japan (Kyodo) — Journalists at a tsunami-hit Japanese daily newspaper, which shot to fame after a U.S. museum acquired its handwritten editions, were inspired to grab their pens in a flooded newsroom by a story about their predecessors who acted likewise before World War II. “It was a miracle we survived and that motivated […]

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