RABBIT RAMBLINGS: Confronting ‘trauma’ at Tule Lake, and a call to action

Another Tule Lake Pilgrimage is over. This last one, held over the Fourth of July weekend, from July 1-4, was the 21st. First held in 1974, this amounts to roughly 42 years of activity, an impressive accomplishment for this biennial gathering. I went several times while I lived in Seattle, and our trusty leader, Stan […]

Tule Lake Pilgrimage honors legacy of resistance, ‘hallowed ground’

Each successive Tule Lake Pilgrimage appears to attract more interest from a wide cross section of people. For 2016, the Tule Lake Committee had to close registrations for the pilgrimage within three days of the announcement, and in an effort to accommodate the increased demand, the all-volunteer committee boosted the number of attendees to 450 […]

LETTERS: Nichi Bei columnist’s work an ‘invaluable source of healing’

For years, I have enjoyed your e-mails alerting me to important happenings in our community and your “Let’s Talk!” column in the Nichi Bei Weekly.  I am so glad you remain active, proactive, and providing leadership in promoting valuable experiences in the JA community.  Your last column on the healing power of pilgrimage (Aug. 7, 2014 Nichi Bei […]

LET’S TALK: About the healing power of pilgrimage

A “pilgrimage” is any long journey, especially undertaken as a quest or act of devotion, according to Webster’s Dictionary. Three hundred and sixty of us traveled from all four directions this July 4th weekend to gather at the former Tule Lake Segregation Center in Northern California near the Oregon border. I made my first pilgrimage […]


Another Tule Lake Pilgrimage has passed, and it has given me a lot to chew over. It is more popular than ever, and the 350 slots filled up in under two weeks. I wonder what the numbers would be if everybody who wanted to participate could. The numbers indicate that interest in Tule Lake has […]

RABBIT RAMBLINGS: Revisiting Tule Lake

Interest in the 2012 Tule Lake Pilgrimage ran so high this year that the slots for participants were filled within three weeks. I signed up early, and was one of the lucky 400 or so to participate. People from the National Park Service, scholars and students, and any number of interested parties attended the pilgrimage. […]