NPS to hold meetings to create plan for Tule Lake

TULELAKE, Calif. — The National Park Service will hold public workshops to create a “national dialogue” about Tule Lake’s future. The conversations will result in a General Management Plan to identify how to protect and educate the public about the site, where thousands of persons of Japanese ancestry were incarcerated in an American concentration camp […]

RABBIT RAMBLINGS: Interpreting Tule Lake

I would like to urge all of the readers of the Nichi Bei Weekly to participate in the National Park Service’s plans to create and develop a historical site at the Tule Lake Unit in Newell, Calif. I received a letter from the director, Mike Reynolds, who is superintendent of the Tule Lake Unit of […]

A new take on ‘Tule Lake’

SAN JOSE — The Japanese American Museum of San Jose hosted filmmaker Michelle Ikemoto on March 30, as she discussed the process of making of her animated short film, “Tule Lake.” The presentation included a screening and a Q-and-A format session with audience members. Jimi Yamaichi, the museum’s director and curator, made opening remarks. “Tule […]

STORIES OF RESISTANCE: A centennial of civil liberties and American patriotism

This year is the centennial of a remarkable year for civil liberties in American history. In 1913, Harriet Tubman (the Moses of her people and abolitionist heroine of the Underground Railroad, who led slaves in the south to freedom in the north) died, and Rosa Parks (civil rights activist who challenged the segregated public bus […]

Lost words

It has been said by many that writing letters is a lost art form. People under the age of 35 or so may have never experienced the sentimental emotions of discovering that dusty old shoebox full of beautifully crafted letters that convey love, joy, sorrow and introspection. The grief-stricken letter with tear-stained handwriting or the […]

Tule Lake revisited and reframed

TULE LAKE REVISITED: A BRIEF HISTORY AND GUIDE TO THE TULE LAKE CONCENTRATION CAMP SITE (second edition) By Barbara Takei and Judy Tachibana (San Francisco: Tule Lake Committee Inc., 56 pp., $15, spiral bound) This is a timely and much needed revision of the original “Tule Lake” (2001). Much has transpired, beginning with the transformation […]

SEPARATED BY AMERICA’S WWII CONCENTRATION CAMPS: Japanese dolls reunite friends after 70 years

SACRAMENTO, Calif. — The childhood friendship of 10-year-old Beverly Pond and Marianne Rikimaru, coupled with Pond’s kindness and perseverance, triumphed over a 70-year separation when the two finally reunited in Sacramento on Dec. 1 after decades of searching. Pond, whose married name is Thornton, could finally return the three sets of Japanese dolls her family […]


Tule Lake’s segregation history resonates with America’s deepest held beliefs — about standing up for one’s convictions and challenging those who have abused power. Yet, perversely, due to lingering World War II propaganda that cast Japanese American challengers to the unjust incarceration as disloyal subversives, our community has been slow to recognize courageous individual responses […]

RABBIT RAMBLINGS: Revisiting Tule Lake

Interest in the 2012 Tule Lake Pilgrimage ran so high this year that the slots for participants were filled within three weeks. I signed up early, and was one of the lucky 400 or so to participate. People from the National Park Service, scholars and students, and any number of interested parties attended the pilgrimage. […]

Hundreds journey back to long-stigmatized Tule Lake Segregation Center

Editor’s Note: This is the second of a two-part series. The 2012 Tule Lake Pilgrimage, held from June 30 through July 3, not only received a huge response of close to 400 attendees, but it also attracted a large number of first timers. Former Tulean Hiroshi Kashiwagi experienced the early Tule Lake Pilgrimage back in […]

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